Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPED (Special Education) Jobs in the Philippines September 2010

I found out that one of the interests of people searching for the keyword "Special education" is the availability of SPED (Special Education) Jobs. Ans since we are in the Philippines, then it is only but natural that I list SPED Jobs in the Philippines in my site.

The bulk of my source as of now will come from job listings posted in my UP SPED yahoo group from the UP (University of the Philippines) SPED Department. Hence, to those who want to pose job opportunities from other schools feel free to do so by sending me an e-mail first at specialeducationphilippines@gmail.com about the details of the SPED job you want to post. If the institution has a website that would be better so that applicants can do a background check of the company they are interested in.

1. Looking for SPED Teacher

Where: Cupertino Center for Special Children
Address: Mangyan Road, La Vista Loyola Heights, Quezon City Philippines

Information: Looking for SPED teachers male or female as one of the teachers will be on leave next semester.

Please submit your resume online at lynn_ftaz@yahoo.com.

Assist Ms. Thelma Lynn Trajano with the class until such time when the class will be turned over to the hired SPED teacher next semester. Salary will be discussed with the directress.

Contact details:
09274468530 and look for Thelma Lynn Trajano
Tel no. +63 2 928-4115 email. cupertinocenter@yahoo.com

2. Looking for English online teacher

Where: online/home-based work

Information: Looking for individuals who would like to earn money from home by teaching foreigners how to learn English. Schedule of teaching is very flexible and both graduate and university students can apply. Ideal for working students who would like to work at night after going to school and most especially for those who would want to augment their current salary.

Requirement: Kindly submit your resume via e-mail to ia_adam20@yahoo.com; once accepted you will need a stable broadbrand connection, a computer and a headset so you can begin your job

Contact details:
all inquiries will be entertained via e-mail

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