Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America is my Super Soldier Hero

Here are the C.A.P.T.A.I.N reasons why I consider Captain America as my Super Soldier Hero. This post also also highlights my favorite moments of Captain America.

1. Created a superhero - not!
Many kids think their either too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short. Steve Rogers is sending a message that what really matters most is what you think about yourself. Steve Rogers wanted to be a hero for his country even with his frail health and body. And who would have thought that out of this desire one of the greatest American Hero will be created.

The value we can learn from this is DETERMINATION.



2. Avenger - the first one
For Captain America to be "The Captain America" did not come cheap for the US government. When the US government realized this, they treated Captain America as a celebrity instead of a Super Soldier primarily to inspire the American troops. The US government was at first scared to lose their super soldier in battle. But there is no stopping this Super Soldier in realizing his full potential as a hero. The Super soldier idol is not just a pretty face because he can actually do what he promises to do. The child in us likes to believe in promises and Captain America kept his promise to protect its nation and people and he is still fullfilling his promises until now.

The value we can learn from this is INTEGRITY.

3. People's Ice Solid Champion
Literally and figuratively, Captain America still wanted to be the people's champion even after being frozen solid for over 60 years. He gets back on his feet and continues to be a hero.

The value we can learn from this is MOTIVATION.

4. Timely Comics' most popular character during the wartime period
Let's talk a little bit of history about Captain America. Captain America was created to inspire people especially the soldiers during World War II. Going back to the present time, war has taken many forms since the World Wars where Captain America was intentionally created and yet until now we still need a hero. But we need not just a hero for America but a hero for mankind. Since in the end, Americans, Filipinos, Chinese or whatever nationality you are it is undeniable we are all humans first.

The value we can learn from this is HUMANITY.

7. All American Hero
Captain America is an all American hero. One of the historical and memorable scenes in the Captain America Comics series is when Captain America punched Adolf Hitler. This issue was released at the peak of World War II during the time Pearl Harbor was bombed. As a result, nearly 1 million copies were sold as if to show the sentiment of Americans of what they felt about the infamous Nazi leader. And so I can say that Captain America is part of the American History because as the series progressed so did it tell the story of Captain America's fight against "the Nazis, Japanese, and other threats to wartime America and the Allies".

The value we can learn from this is RESILIENCE.

8. Indestructible Shield
Just like its owner, Captain America's shield had faced several nemesis and was even destroyed at least twice at different times. The vibranium-iron protector of our Super Soldier Hero has changed shape (from triangular to a circular disc); has been retrieved from the past and restored by Zemo and to this day has still protected the American hero from its foes.

The value we can learn from this is DEPENDABILITY.

9. Noteworthy partners in heroism - The Young Allies (aka The Sentinels of Liberty )
Captain America does not just have any other sidekicks. Our Super Soldier has The Young Allies which started as the Sentinels of Liberty. The Young Allies is composed of teenager kids coming from different races which tells us that even the Captain needs friends in his quest to save the world

The value we can learn from this is COOPERATION.

Hence that sums up my CAPTAIN reasons why my child and I would love to watch the ultimate super soldier hero - Captain America.

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