Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reminiscing Spongebob's Big Wave at Global City Taguig Philippines

I love Spongebob. My child, his best buddy and I went to Spongebob's Big Wave at Global City Taguig Philippines in 2009. I just remembered I haven't posted the Big Wave pictures yet after I received a link to play a Spongebob bowling game from a friend. Why am I posting the Big Wave pictures now? Simply because my child will be celebrating his tenth birthday soon and we went to see Spongebob Squarepants Big Wave celebration which was also Spongebob's tenth birthday that time.

We qualified for an entry at Spongebob Squarepants Big Wave Event by buying P500 worth of Spongebob's merchandise at SM North Edsa. After that we went to the event and fell in line at the special guests lane. Those who were not able to buy merchandise can still get in provided that they fall in line early because it will be a first come first served basis until the area is full capacity. But when you have several children begging to enter, I find it hard for the staff to say no.

Spongebob Land: The Big Wave

The place was jam-packed with activities to do. The area was big to accommodate a LOT of kids. The children liked to go back to several activities like the murkey bars, the shower shack and the surf 'n slide. There are other activities also wherein you can play and even win prizes.

Map of the Big Wave Grounds

Spongebob's Big Wave Slides

Spongebob's Big Wave Murkey Bars

Spongebob's Big Wave Surf N Slide

Spongebob's Big Wave Shower Shack

Spongebob's Big Wave Jellyfish Jam

The event was ended with a Big Wave concert where shared to us Spongebob's album with its carrier single "Best Day Ever". To listen to the song, check out this Youtube video:

Big Wave Concert: Featuring Best Day Ever Song

The kids and I were so tired after the Big Wave event but it was everything Spongebob promised, Best Day Ever!!!

Hoping there will be an event from Nickelodeon as great as this again soon this summer 2011.

Best Day Ever at Spongebob's Squarepants Big Wave

To play Spongebob's bowling game for free, this is the link shared to me by my friend Kat:

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