Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiger Mom: A Filipino Chinese Mother writes a Self-parody of her Parenting Style

Amy Chua is a Filipino Chinese Yale professor and known for her book "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother". She is now popularly known as the "Tiger Mom".

According to Amy Chua, the goal of the book is to write a memoir which is also a self-parody. However, the book became a controversial book because of some of the parenting practices applied by Amy Chua. Not only is her expectations of her children really high for example no grade lower than A but her application of negative reinforcement is kind of extreme making her children "practice piano and/or violin for 3-6 hours non-stop every day" and "calls them names" and these are the kind of names that can actually break a child's self esteem. TFC Channel came up with their news about the Tiger Mom since Ms. Amy Chua is Filipino Chinese.

Because of these disparaging stories, where some call Ms. Amy Chua's parenting practice as "cruelty to children", amazingly this is what made the book a requested book as an audiobook and in print. Some critics say to read the book just as a form of entertainment. However as Stephen Colbert joked in his show "The Colbert Report", the cover of the book can be forgotten and many people might actually misinterpret the book as a Parenting book or a book that promotes that Eastern Mothers specifically Chinese mothers are better mothers than Western Mothers particularly those from the US.

Either way, I do not plan to buy the book because I have a way to download the book for free as an audiobook (the legal way) and if after reading the book I find it entertaining I might actually buy it to support a fellow Filipino.

Still, since this book was done for entertainment here is something I found from youtube which is a parody of this very controversial self-parody.

To see Ms. Amy Chua's interview with Stephen Colbert at the Colbert Report Show, you can see the video following the link below.

The article below is what Time Magazine printed about the parenting style applied by Ms. Amy Chua
Read more:,8599,2043313,00.html#ixzz1C0LHeTPr

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