Friday, June 24, 2011

1st Philippine International Play Festival from Play Pilipinas: An Invitation (Let's Play!!!)

Something is happening on my birth month which excites me. It's not just guaranteed fun but its also educational. It has all the elements a teacher or a parent like me is looking for to make every child interaction a memorable one. And the answer to that is no other than PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

The 1st Philippine International Play Festival will be held this year at the SMX Convention Center on October 21 up to 23, 2011.

Also called Play Pilipinas 2011 (The Philippine Active Play Festival), Play Pilipinas aims to help answer the challenge of preserving, promoting, and enriching the role of play as an integral part of our children's growth, development and learning. Play Pilipinas has invited speakers from Japan, Australia, the U.S. plus Philippine experts to share their experiences and insights on play. The program includes a 2-day conference on play, a 3 day play fair exhibit and a play space design challenge.

According to Play Pilipinas, the forum is set for 2.5 days featuring over 5 international speakers from the US, Japan, and Australia and lectures by Dr. Honey Carandang, Dr. Dido Villasor and Dr. Esther Esteban plus workshops covering wide ranging topics. The standard rate for the 1st Philippine International Play Festival is pegged at 15,000 (including lunch and snack, and all materials.

If you just want to attend the fair, the rate is now pegged at 150 per person. Play Pilipinas still hopes to bring it down as soon as more sponsors confirm their support. (Calling Sponsors!!!, Come on. Let us play.)

There is a special student rate for attendees of 1st Philippine International Play Festival (participant should be currently enrolled) of PhP 12,000. This rate is ONLY available until end of June 2011. Group packages are also available.

If you're thinking "Did I read that right? It's P15,000? Or is this a typo error and it should be P1500. Well, yes what you're seeing is correct. The regular rate is fifteen thousand while the rate for students attending the 1st Philippine International Play Festival is twelve thousand. There are no extra zeroes there.

So if your a student teacher, a Master's teacher or just a student who wants to attend this Festival, I suggest you take advantage of the special student rate. You have approximately one week to go and register for Play Pilipinas.

For the other package rates, I've posted a screenshot of the Play Pilipinas rates and registration form. The rates were sent to the UPD - Special Education Department on June 23, 2011. I hope the rates will still change or there can be a special contest (you know since its a Play Festival so there should be games!) or treat for teachers who want to blog about it. ehem. ehem. (Pick me, pick me!!!)

For questions or clarifications about Play Pilipinas and the 1st Philippine International Play Festival below are their contact details


To get your own copy of the registration form or if you just want to communicate with them, you can also send your emails to to

You can also check their websites which I highly recommend because it has information on the speakers, the significance of play, about the organizers and a contest they are holding for everyone. According to Play Pilipinas website,


Play Pilipinas will be holding a competition that challenges designers all kinds to design an adventure playground that can immerse children, teens and even adults in the wonder and delights of active play. The competition is open to students and professionals alike.

The winning design will be brought to life on the event itself, a 100sqm indoor adventure playground for guests of all ages to enjoy.

There are more exciting details posted at,. Interested participants of this Play Festival can also check the facebook page at

They also have a facebook event page

For personal communications you may call 470 7677 and look for Cecile dela Pena or Karla Coronado.

So what are you guys waiting for, let's PLAY PILIPINAS!

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