Sunday, July 31, 2011

Generalizations regarding the relationship of the learner with dyscalculia, the Math subject and the Math teacher

While reading Chinn and Aschroft's book on Mathematics for Dyslexics (Including Dyscalculia), I remembered Steve Chinn discussing the dynamics of the child, the teacher and the parent/s or guardian of the child during the first Pan-Asian Learning Difficulties Conference here in the Philippines. He said that to fully help the child, the relationship of these these people should look like that of a pyramid with the learner's needs placed on the top of the pyramid. From what I understand from that analogy, the learner is still the topmost priority among the three. And the teacher and the parents are the foundation. Still, the pyramid is stable because of the presence of the three keypoint players. Without one player, the pyramid will fall.

From that point of view I was inspired to make my own interpretation of the relationship I see happening in the child with dyscalculia, mathematics as a subject and the Math teacher. I created an advanced Venn Diagram to show that there are intertwinings between and among these three aspects. And that this complex relationship answered the conundrum of difficulties that can and should be addressed for the child with dyscalculia to have the best learning environment.


Chinn, S & Ashcroft, R. (2007) Mathematics for Dyslexics (Including Dyscalculia).
West Sussex, England. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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