Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hunghong Sa Yuta (Earth's Whisper) - A Fundraising Film-Showing for Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc.

Fellow SPED advocates especially for the deaf, the Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc. is inviting everyone for the screening of the award-winning independent film “Hunghong sa Yuta” on July 16 at the U.P. Film Center,Cine Adarna from 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m.

Below is a repost of the Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc.'s invitation.

The Filipino Deaf Women’s and Crisis Center Inc, (FDWHCC) was established in November 1999 and incorporated in 2001. The FDWHCC is a Deaf people’sorganization comprised of Deaf women. The Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc.'s vision and mission is to uplift the welfare of Filipino Deaf women by upholding equality and social justice through the improvement of standards of living. FDWHCC foresees a future wherein Filipino Deaf women are treated equally and without discrimination in all aspects of life whether at home, in the workplace,within the community and in the entire country. FDWHCC's current concerns focus on assistance for abused Deaf women. The FDWHCC opened last year the Rainbow House (RH), a shelter for Deaf women in difficult circumstances. It is the only one of its kind in the country. It arose from a need of the Deaf community where the incidence ofgender-based violence is very high, compounded by inaccessibility offacilities and programs in general for the Deaf. To date, the FDWHCC have housed several Deaf women clients at RH, almost all victims of sexual violence. The RH provides services to Deaf women victims / survivors of sexualassault, domestic violence and stalking.

The Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc. believes that violence is a learned behaviour and envision a world where it is not tolerated. For more information about RH, please visit

As a small non-profit Deaf organization, the demands for maintaining RH are very great. Financial support is needed primarily for meals, medical appointments, legal-related expenses, therapeutic activities as well aslivelihood capital. Proceeds of this fund-raiser shall benefit not only the organization but individual Deaf women who are striving to seekjustice and healing as well as regain their dignity.

The indie film “Hunghong sa Yuta” is a beautiful film by award-winningdirector Arnel Mardoquio whose plot revolves around a group of Deafchildren in a fictional town in Mindanao. It is a powerful film not only for its story and cinematography but also for the several relevant issuesthat it touches on. It depicts the experiences of Muslims and indigenous peoples in war-torn areas. It also shows the strong role of women in thecommunity, and the value of education. It speaks of the richness of ourcultures and communities. It is poignant, thought-provoking andinspirational.

The Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc. has chosen to screen this film not only because it includes the theme of deafness and sign language in its plot but also because it is truly a film that any Filipino would be proud of. To reserve tickets for the movie Hunghong sa Yuta (Earth's Whisper) you can email your request to

Tickets are slated at P120.00 (regular price) and P100.00 (students with current ID).

For indie film-reviewers and advocates of the deaf or anyone who just wants to give back to the society and believe on the mission and vision of Filipino Deaf Women’s Health and Crisis Center, Inc., we highly encourage we show our support for this fundraising activity by watching this film.


  1. do we just proceed to the theatre at the day of the screening to buy the ticket? or do we have to buy the ticket in advance?

  2. You can reserve your ticket by e-mailing for the tickets.

    Still if you want to just drop by on the day of the screening, I guess you can do so.