Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Call for 2011 Christmas Donations in Behalf of Sta. Elena Elementary School, Hagonoy

This Christmas, you may want to share some old or new school supplies to the pupils and teachers of *Sta. Elena Elementary School. *This school is the hardest hit Hagonoy school in the recent onslaught of typhoon Pedring and Quiel. The Socials Committee coordinated with a graduate student of our College, and he had inquired about the needs of this school. A formal letter that itemizes the request has been sent by the school's Disaster Committee Chair. The items below are just some of things that appear in this list.
May we ask your students/classes, through your coordination, to provide some of the items in the list? A big donation box will be placed at the College lobby for these donations. Please help us disseminate this information by reading this appeal to your classes. *Some areas have decided to ask students to donate items that are related to their majors. You may choose to do the same.

Thank you very much. We hope to give the donations before the start of classes in January, but since our break in the University will start on the 15th, we hope that you will disseminate this request to your students asap, so that they can bring their donations before the Christmas break.

Maraming salamat po! *

> - storybooks
> - educational maps and charts in all subjects/learning areas
> - activity cards, Show Me boards, Dart and Drill Boards
> - Math counters, play money, word puzzles, number puzzles
> - window cards
> - maps and globes
> - fraction and sentence charts
> - models of the anatomy of the human body
> - other school and classroom supplies
> reams of bond papers of all sizes (legal, a4, etc.)
> marker and ink
> boxes of chalk (yellow enamel and colored)
> folders
> organizer
> calculator
> CDs
> stamp pad
> stapler
> tape dispenser
> rolls of tape

For inquiries on how you can help, Special Education Philippines can help form a group and coordinate. E-mail us at 

Source: Letter from the Special Education Department, College of Education, University of the Philippines Diliman. 


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