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Last November 21, 2010, we went to CCP to get our tickets for the play DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) for the 10am show. We were entertained by Ms. Lorelei Celestino from Tanghalang Pilipino.

The tickets for DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) are priced as P300 for students, P450 for senior citizens and P600 for regular guests. The programme for DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) costs P50 which for me is just right given the quality of the paper used (gray paper). It is however, compensated with the colorful covering.

The play DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) started on time and it was the first time for us to experience watching on top of the stage of CCP's Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater) . The arrangement of the seats is adequate since there were not too many guests. Unfortunately, taking pictures inside the CCP theater is not allowed, hence, I cannot show you the exact stage arrangement.

My child's favorite actor in the play is Miss Nina Angela Rumbines who plays the role of Mariang Sinukuan. The reason my child liked her character was because she really showed that Mariang Sinukuan was a good judge. What my child liked most about the play was that the story was funny because of the different animal characters. On the other hand, what my child did not like the most was the temper of the fly which was portrayed well by the actor. Overall, my child says that the play was enjoyable.

I prefer to bring kids to children plays that showcase the beauty of the Filipino language. However, the play is very contemporary as the language used is Taglish and even "pop" words such as "stir" were heard. I personally did not like it but the kids were responding to the language used and I think that is what matters most especially when your building awareness and appreciation for Filipino children plays. However, I also believe there are plays I would not prefer to be heard in Taglish such as Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo. Then again I am not sure since I have not seen one but for now that would be my preference. Still, DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) was able to fuse the appreciation of Filipino children plays with a timeless tale in the Filipino literature.

There were foreigners in the play and they seem to enjoy the play as well as they were participating. It was not difficult to understand the play since it uses contemporary Filipino language which is a mixture of Filipino and English or what we call Taglish. In addition, it is very interactive and the actors would require the audience to make animal sounds together with them. In the end, I would recommend to watch DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) in your repertoire of Filipino children plays to watch since it can capture audience across all ages.

My personal favorite line from this children play is from the main theme song which goes like this:

Dugtong Dugtong ang Buhay, Dugtong Dugtong ang buhay, Bawat isa'y magkakaugnay
Dugtong Dugtong ang Buhay, Dugtong Dugtong ang buhay, ang ginawa sa kanya may epekto ngayon"
Dugtong Dugtong ang Buhay, Dugtong Dugtong ang buhay, Bawat isa'y magkakaugnay

The DUGTONG DUGTONG NA SUMBONG (ANG HUKUMAN NI SINUKUAN) play was staged by Tanghalang Pilipino or TP. According to the material of Tanghalang Pilipino sent to me, the company's profile is as follows:

TANGHALANG PILIPINO was founded in 1987 as the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It aims to promote Philippine theater that is rooted in centuries-old Filipino culture and history while being responsive to evolving contemporary society.

Tanghalang Pilipino is unique among other theater groups in the Philippines as it maintains a core of actors whose full-time training in acting is subsidized by the company. Known as the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company, these actors are tapped for the company’s season repertoire and special performances. The actors who have graduated from the Actors Company now comprise the most sought-after stable of talents in television, cinema and commercial advertising.

Tanghalang Pilipino maintains the highest standards in artistic discipline, technical skill and professional conduct. It presents an annual season of plays at the CCP consisting of original Filipino works, both classic and contemporary, as well as translations and adaptations of theater materials from Asia and other parts of the globe. It also conducts regular theater education and training programs in acting, directing, playwriting and production management. These programs are open to students, non-professional theater enthusiasts, corporate clients and professional theater practitioners. In addition to honing skills for onstage performance, Tanghalang Pilipino also commits itself to the development of an active audience for Filipino theater through its nurture of the native language as its primary medium for its productions and by bringing its performances to venues outside its home at the CCP -- including non-traditional performance spaces – to various parts of the country and overseas, especially locations with large Filipino communities.

TP has successfully presented more than 200 full productions within 24 seasons while generating one of the best audience attendance records among CCP’s resident companies. Its earliest repertoire was guided by the vision of Nonon Padilla, its founding Artistic Director (1987-2002), and sustained by Herbert Go (2002-2006), and Dennis Marasigan (2006-2008). Tanghalang Pilipino is currently on its 25th Theater Season under the artistic direction of Fernando Josef.

To find out about the plays lined up for the 24th and 25th season of of Tanghalang Pilipino, you may contact them at:


2/F PDC Building, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex

Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (02) 832-1125, locals 1620 & 1621

Telefax: 832-3661



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Till the next Tanghalang Pilipino children play!

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