Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Things Inside A Teacher's Christmas Wish List

If wishes can be granted to make a teacher happy this Christmas season, a Teacher's Wish List will look something like the list below.

1. Books, books and more books!

Books for Less has its Grandest Book Sale this Christmas season 2010 from December 1 to 30, 8am to 5 pm. Enjoy up to 70% discount and book prices as low as P5.00

I remember a time when my co-teachers and I will just go book-hunting for classic stories and forgotten and unappreciated novels and books. Ah, memories. Well, some of the books my co-teachers mentioned they would like to receive were Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, books on classical literature, juvenile fiction, children's literature, Filipiniana books, books by a nobel prize winner, autobiographies, best-sellers and highly recommended pop literature.

To add a twist to this book giving, why not give a book that you actually love to your teacher. It might actually inspire her or him to use it as one of your lessons in class.

2. A spa - there is nothing like a good relaxing spa to remove those aches and pains brought by standing for a long time and missing that restroom break several times a day because teacher is in the middle of a class or just attending to his/her students' needs.

Zenyu ecospa is the only negative ion spa in the country.
1. Dr.Fish spa - full body Jacuzzi (P300) free when you get a hotbed or massage.
2. Hot bed therapy - Negative ion technology from Ecoparadise Japan. BE Well with good clean air molecules. A new dimensi...on in wellness now here in the country. (P300)
3. Massage - Professional massage service in the first ecospa/negative ion spa in the country. (P600)

Orange Home Spa is offering a buy 5 plus 1 free Gift certificate package. Each GC is worth P300 pesos. This is a perfect gift idea since Orange Home Spa "provides the best therapeutic and relaxing massage service at the convenience of its client’s home"

3. Arts and crafts materials; colored pens, pencils, cute notepads, a set of pencils, erasers, stationery, sharpener and oh and I've always wanted those assemble-it-yourself shelf where I can keep my folders, files and other documents. Something to help achieve our New Year's resolution of having an organized and clutter-free work space.

4. A big bag or knapsack - They say fellow teachers know their kind by just looking at the bag that person is using. If its too big and it looks like it contains everything and anything enough to say that you can actually join the next Survivor show then most probably that person is a teacher. I guess I can compare teachers to turtles who just cant leave their houses behind.

Well, if you haven't found that bag you can always go to the upcoming The Big Outlet Sale 2010. And again if your fast enough to act on this, Trip or Treats is giving away FREE tickets to the event if you join her contest.


5. coffee/tea - this is supplies good for the next year and teacher just wants to prepare.

6. A lovelife starting with good health which is very much connected to a weightloss program

Yes your teachers are humans too and you know who is their number one love in their lives? Most of the time its their students. So a compliment here and there will actually go a long way to make your teacher's heart melt. One teacher wishes for a collection of written notes from her students. How sweet can that be!

TRA is not just a weight loss program - it is a 4-week Fitness Detox Program.
Aside from Losing Pounds Naturally, you will also experience: More Energy
Better Sleep; Better Digestion and Bowel Movement. No Starving. No Exercise Required. NO REBOUND. Guaranteed in 4 weeks. Lower Bad Stuff (Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, SGPT, Uric Acid, Triglycerides, etc.) Look and Feel Younger!
Guaranteed in 4 weeks. PLUS you get FREE unlimited access to a Personal TRA coach
throughout the 4 weeks.

7. Sports equipment - May it be a basketball, soccer shoes, running shoes, something to expedite achieving wishlist number 6.

8. 2011 Planner or Journal

A fellow teacher of mine was plugging this planner in his FB page. It's called ""Relaks, Puso Lang Yan Malayo Sa Bituka" PLANNER 2011" by Witty Will Save The World, Co. It's so funny. Just looking at this journal will surely put a smile on anybody who is reading it. The best thing about this is that it is truly "Gawang Pinoy". To check out their site you may visit


9. Seminars - Learning is a lifelong process and we teachers know that. So for us to keep improving our skill and continue to grow our knowledge to teach our students better, we also do not stop educating ourselves.

PSI's comprehensive approach to personal and professional success. It is based on the fundamental principle that each individual possesses unlimited, untapped potential. Unlocking this allows a person to achieve greater results and abundance.

It is an educational program that assimilates learning through experience. It is an experiential and values based seminar (values formation) that deals with the 4 aspect of man (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is a personal development and values reinforcement program designed to assist you to learn and experience as much as possible in a short period of time and yet, remember the skills and your values long after the seminar, even if you can't use them everyday. In the class we examine self-limiting beliefs that act as barriers between us and our goals and which hinder us from achieving what we most want in life. It provides the opportunity for us to be aware of these beliefs as well as experience new ways of overcoming them.

10. And the most requested wish is no other than - A Vacation!!!

Oh yes, teachers are extra lively and energetic this month because just like kids they are anticipating also the next 25 days. I actually even saw a post where a countdown has begun for this teacher in his FB wall. lol.

Talking about vacations, if sky is the limit one teacher dreams for a trip to Vietnam, one to Hong Kong or a trip to beautiful spots here in the Philippines like Cagayan De Oro, Corregidor and Batanes. But oh well we know it is too extravagant to receive this kind of gift for a teacher so its a good thing that one can still enjoy the beauty of the Philippines by visiting Manila Ocean Park especially now that they have the P99 Musical Fountain Show starting December 1 upto January 16, 2011. The best thing about this promo is that you can now get a ticket online via credit card or request for an sms verification to avail of the promo and pay it at Acquatica booths.

Another way to give teachers a vacation for free is to earn them tickets from a contest. You can win tickets for 4 different attractions at Manila Ocean Park. Just go to the link below to grab this opportunity.



Do you think there's more to add in our Teacher's Christmas Wish List? Post your ideas in the comments box, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's inside your Teacher's Christmas Wish list.

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